Course Notes for


David Worrall

This course is is designed as an introductory unit of one semester for first year undergraduate music students and covers what I consider the necessary basic material needed for working in a recording or electronic music studio or for a composers working in all idioms.

The course is divided into 3 broad topic areas:

There is also some addiional notes on Acoustic Space.

This course was developed and expanded over a 15 year period from the early 1970's and used as an introductory course at the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology, at the Australian National University, where the author was the Founding Head, and director from1989–2000.

Since their migration to the WWW in the early 1990's with the assistance of Marciano Telese and Rohan Phillips, they have been hardly modified but still remain a central resource for many courses in music and acoustics around the world. They are offered in the now almost defunct spirit of free intellectual inquiry.