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Introduction to Phenomenology

Reading Brentano naturally led me to Husserl (pronounced “her-sool”). Those interested in finding out about the philosophical origins of embodiment and embedded thinking may enjoy these interviews by Byran Magee with Dreyfus.

In five-parts:

Part 1. In which he discusses the influence of Husserl on Heidegger.

Part 2. Heidegger’s undertanding of Dasein.

Part 3. Heidegger’s  Articulated intention – contexts of significance.

Part 4. Heidegger’s ”towards which” and “for the sake of” and Heidegger’s change to thinking historically.

Part 5. In which Sartre is dismissed and Merleau-Ponty introduces the body as our way of being in the world and sums up what he considers to be the contemporary ongoing significance of phenomenology.

Also, here is a 2-part interview in which Dreyfus talks with Kreisler about how Merleau_Ponty’s idea of embodiment comes from Heidegger the inadequacy of the computational model of perception; intercorporeality and mirror neurones.

And for those who want an extended (audio only) version, here are the links to podcasts of Dreyfus’ 2007 Berkeley lectures on Heidegger’s Being and Time:

Division 1 and Division II.

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