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Compositions by David Worrall

Title Description Recording + Prog Note Year Distribution
I am on the net through an interface different from the one you use when you do Part One of the network and sound installation work. Employs text-to-speech, voice synthesis and language translation software. For 2 channel computer-generated tape. IamOnTheNet.mp3 (9.2 MB)
2005 ACMA-2008-1, 2008
Farrera mountains For stereo electroacoustic tape and live electronic synthesis. 1996
Harmonie du soir Extreme vocoder transformation of a reading of the Baudelaire. For 2 channel computer-generated tape and diffusion. HduS.mp3 (11.4 MB)
1995 CD-CSM 26, 1996
Cords Multichannel 'string theory' using MIDI-to-analog feedback. 3 movements. Computer generated music and animation for the PET-1 geodesic space. PNote 1994 CD-CSM 18, 1994
Cords 2b 2 Channel audio-only version of Cords. Cords2b.mp3 (20.8MB)
CordsIIbMovt1&2.mp3 (14.8MB)
CordsIIbMovt3.mp3 (20.7MB)
1992 CD-CSM 20, 1994
Meditation on Ganesha For live electronics. Uses custom software. 1991
Butterflies flutter By A reworking of the cosmos scene from A sensitive chaos Computer generated (FairlightCMI II). For 4 channel computer-generated tape and diffusion. Butterflies.mp3 (10.1 MB)


1987 CD-CSM 05, 1989
...with fish scales scattered... When the background becomes the foreground. Computer generated. 2 channel computer-generated tape. FishScales.mp3 (9.3 MB)
1982 CD-CSM 04, 1989
Mixtures and recollections A study in spatial mixing and sorting. Originally quadrophonic, this is a 2 channel mix. Mixtures.mp3 (6.1 MB) 1981
Iquaqua Musique concrète for 2 channel tape. 1975

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