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MusicHB ACAT1002

ACAT1002     Electroacoustic Composition 1

A one-hour tutorial each week in Semester 2.

Satisfactory completion of Physics and Psychophysics of Music.

To gain a practical understanding of the basic techniques of musique concrète.

An introduction to amplifiers, loudspeakers, tape-recorders and cassette machines, microphones and mixers. Musique concrète composition, employing such techniques as high and low impedance recording, sound–on–sound, splicing and editing, tape loops, multi-track recording, variable speed tape playback, tape delay systems, basic equalisation and mixing, and noise reduction. Notation and documentation of work undertaken, care and maintenance of tapes and equipment, and active participation in preparing and presenting a concert of electroacoustic music, including program notes. 

Assignments-40%.        Examination performance-60%.


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Eargle, J., Sound Recording, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1980.
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