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MusicHB ACAT2002

ACAT2002     Computer Programming A

A one-hour lecture and a one-hour tutorial each week in Semester 1.


To gain an understanding of the structure and organisation of a computer.

Introduction to computer programming techniques.

Introduction to mainframe and microcomputers.

  • Basic terminology and architecture.
  • Operating systems.
  • Computer languages and compilers.

An overview of the use of computers for musical composition, computer graphics and animation and analysis.

Fundamental FORTH concepts.

  • Stacks management.
  • The dictionary.
  • Conditional logic.
  • Integer arithmetic.
  • Loops and branching.
  • Variables, constants and arrays.
  • Vectored execution.

Assessment: Assignments-60%.   Tests40%.

None-course notes will be available.


Brodie, L., Starting FORTH, 2nd edn, Prentice-Hall, 1987.
Chandor, A., The Penguin Dictionary of Microprocessors, Penguin, 1988.
Tanenbaum, A.S., Structured Computer Organization, 2nd edn, Prentice-Hall,1984.
Software manuals as appropriate.


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