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MusicHB ACAT4002

ACAT4002     Electroacoustic Composition 4

A one-hour seminar and a one-hour practical each week in Semester 2.

Satisfactory completion of Electroacoustic Composition 3.

To gain a practical understanding of the techniques of synthesis and digital control, and advanced algorithmic composition techniques.

The advanced use of microcomputers for composition:

  • further exploration of MIDI systems;
  • control of synthesis for micro- and macro-composition and for the realtime performance thereof;
  • use of various synthesis techniques for timbre composition, e.g. additive, FM, waveshaping, granular stochastic;
  • Compositional algorithms for implementing such things as stochastic processes.
  • Active participation in preparing and presenting a concert of electroacoustic music, including program notes.

Examination performance-100%.


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