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A project by David Worrall and

Perceptual Monitoring of Network Metadata in Realtime
NetSon is a prototype perceptual monitoring tool that uses sound and moving image to display features of an organization’s network. As an Art & Technology project it is a polymedia work that exists in the fuzzy boundary between transcendental expression and as tool for prediction, problem solving and action. Its pragmatic use is to assist people to peripherally monitor the activity of individual parts of a network–the ways in which they converge and interact–or of the network as a whole system. This can help them understand the operational characteristics of the network in real time and while engaged in other tasks.

NetSon can be used to monitor and display an organization’s network in a number of configurations: as an IT operational support tool, as a multichannel installation in a building’s foyer, or as a streaming audiovisual webcast (in explicit or data-protected versions) from an organization’s web- or intranet-site. The techniques used are equally applicable to other Big Data monitoring and exploration challenges.

An overview of online of documentation for NetSon pdf.
For more details of the working of NetSon's data sonification read:

View some YouTube videos about NetSon and other sonification matters, including a general introduction to data sonification.

Process Flow Diagram (see outline)

Live stream edit (QT video, 91 Mb)

Screen Shot (redacted version)
NetSon at Fraunhofer

IIS Director Albert Heuberger opens the Installation

A Fraunhofer CorpoReal Image Wall

Rebekah Worrall and Albert Heuberger

A Fraunhofer CorpoReal Image Wall

Udo Rink David Worrall (& Blinky)
NetSon on Tour: 2015 Installations  
Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS
Am Wolfsmantel 33
91058 Erlangen
Foyer Installation
Website Installation (including live stream)
22–23 June 2015
Science Technology and the Arts (START) Symposium
Foyer Ovale
BOZART Palais des Beaux-Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles
8–12 July 2015
International Conference for Auditory Display
(ICAD 2015)
medien kunst labor
Bürgergasse 5, Graz
17 August–2 September 2015
Entrance Foyer
School of Music (Building 100)
The Australian National University
William Herbert Place
Canberra, ACT 2601
Improvisation, Canberra

Watch Video

29–30 September 2015
Tsukuba Global Science Week
Global Science WeekUniversity of Tsukuba
International Congress Center
4F Conference Room 403

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