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specialising in
the sonification of large and/or multivariate datasets,
particularly time series data

Why sonify?
Data processing and presentation form an increasingly large part of modern scientific and industrial research. The sheer volume of information produced by many simulation and data gathering actrivities can change the nature of research including intractable analytical problems and unmanagable data sets.

SonLab provides the user interface for researchers from universities, industry and government to effectively process and sonify large or complex datasets. To enhance data presentation for scientific/public autiting we provide state of the art output capabilities, including 3D immersive ambiences.

At SonLab we
1. conduct and support world class scientific, engineering and statistical research using aurally-enabled computing techniques.
2. Develop new sonification techniques and the software and hardware necessary to support their auditory display.

Check out
our public domain data sonification software framework on Sourceforge

contact: e881010 'at'