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ICAD 2011, 24-28 June, Hotel Mercure Buda, Budapest, Hungary

Google map location.

Hotel Mercure Buda

Deli behind the hotel

Fruiterer next door

The gang begins to assemble.

drinks...and more drinks -it is Summer, after all!

...and more drinks

Informally making music together is a part of ICAD. The location this year was a beautiful old theatre - with a bar!

Thomas Hermann (Piano), Derek Brock (guitar) and Karoliina Tiuraniemi (violin, voice), lead the way (mp3, binaural): Listen

It being Hungary, Mike Winters added a little Liszt: Listen
Beatles for ever!: Listen




My ICAD2011 paper: A method for developing an improved mapping model for data sonification (ICAD 2011). PDF

The ICAD 2011research ThinkTank.

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