A very specky spick

For those of you who enjoy ABC-TV’s Spicks and Specks, last night’s episode had a couple of segments that used Babelfish (or something roughly equivalent to it) English -> Japanese -> English translations of song lyrics. Excellent!

I have a work using the same technique – but realised with text-to-speech software and extended to other languages (Korean proves to turn up some particularly beautiful obscurities). My piece I am on the net is a homage to the Alvin Lucier piece I am sitting in a room. Read the full text and listen to an MP3 of part of it here:

I am on the net through an interface different from the one you use when you do

A full-bandwidth version is on the 2008 ACMA double-CD Unfenced, which seems not to be commercially available (yet?...)

The decline in music education in Australian public schools

A rather alarming report by ABC’s Stephen Crittenden entitled Who stopped the music? on Radio National’s Background Briefing programme.

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Composer Gordon Monro, via Warren Burt, has pointed me to Philip Galanter’s manifesto-like piece in which he proposes what he calls “Complexism – a new science-friendly paradigm for the arts and humanities”.

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The Twitter of Beethoven’s Birds

There I was, taking my evening ambulation; there was yacking about sport on RN and so ABC-FM (bewdiful musick) got my ears for an hour. Classic drive. Broom broom–swept off my feet!–and Julie Lester was reporting on an experiment the NSO tried whereby the audience could get the back story or some bright spark’s interpretation of Beethoven’s 6th “bird music” by logging on to twitter with their blackberry, raspberry or whatever…

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Sounds of Australia - Iconic or just Nostalgic?

The National Film and Sound Archive’s Sounds of Australia is a public registry of recordings that celebrates the unique and diverse recorded sound culture and history of Australia. On Tuesday, a lecture on the launch of digital radio in Australia was followed by minister Peter Garrett’s announcement of the NFSA’s 2009 additions to the registry and that fabulous living icon of Australian sound, Robyn Archer, accompanied by Michael Morley, presented Radio and Me – a programme of songs, poems and personal anecdotes, especially created, with the research assistance of Robyn Holmes from the National Library, for the occasion.

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