MP3 Format Audio of Some Music Composed by David Worrall


Air 1998
Solo flute and live 'semi-intelligent' electronics. 2 movements. Commissioned by Mardi McSullea. Air.mp3
(15.3 MB)
Butterflies Flutter By 1987 A reworking of the cosmos scene from A sensitive chaos Computer generated (FairlightCMI II). Stereo. Butterflies.mp3
(10.1 MB)
1994 Multichannel 'string theory' using MIDI-to-analog feedback. 3 movements. Computer generated. 2 channel version. Cords2b.mp3
(20.8 MB)
Glass Games 1981
After Hesse's The Glass Bead Game. For small ensemble and computer synthesised intermixtures. Seymour Group, cond. Stuart Challender. GlassGames.mp3
(13.9 MB)
Harmonie du soir 1995
Extreme vocoder transformation of a reading of the Baudelaire. Computer generated. 2 channel. HduS.mp3
(11.4 MB)
I am on the net 2005
Part One of the network and sound installation work I am on the net through and interface different from the one you use when you do. Employs text-to-speech, voice synthesis and language translation software. 2 channel. I amOnTheNet.mp3
(9.2 MB)
Mixtures and recollections 1981

A study in spatial mixing and sorting. Originally quad, this is a 2 channel mix.

(6.1 MB)
Piano Sonata 1978
Solo piano. 3 movements, downloadable separately. PianoSonataMovt1.mp3
(7.2 MB)
(3.9 MB)
(8.3 MB)
Scorpion under glass 1979
Solo piano. Sparce. single movement. Scorpion.mp3
(5.3 MB)
Sketch Portrait 1983
Pianoforte. Homage à Eric Satie. Not difficult. SketchPortrait.mp3
(3.1 MB)
...with fish scales scattered... 1982
When the background becomes the foreground. Computer generated. 2 channel. FishScales.mp3
(9.3 MB)


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