I am on the net through an interface different from the one you use when you do

I am on the net through an interface different to the one you use when you do (2005) is an installation work which employs language translation software to provide "resonances" of original spoken and textual materials in multiple-listening-post installation spaces. The inexact nature of such language translations (such as that provided by babelfish, for example) are used to resonate the text using multiple feedback pathways to create a "chinese whispers" environment. The introductory section was released in 2008 on the Australasian Computer Music Association's double CD Unfenced.


Alien Garden

Alien Garden (2003) is a technically sophisticated and dynamic digital arts project, featuring a stand-alone portable 3D sound and image installation linked to a dynamic website which enables visitors and potential visitors to "seed" the virtual garden. Alien Garden was designed and made by a small group of Canberra’s most experienced digital artists: David Worrall, Stephen Duke, Dean Golja and Kimmo Vennonenby. It was initially presented as a six-week installation at Floriade’s 2003 festival (audience of approximately 45,000 people), but has the potential to be toured extensively both within Australia and internationally.

The Alien Garden immersive polymedia installation Floriade, Canberra. September 2003 - October 2003.

The Alien Garden PIPES Domes in-situ. Large dome is 5 metre radius. Looking from the small dome down the tunnel into the Alien Garden.

See Pre-production Outline for Alien Garden

The Twins

The Twins (1999). A pair of semi-naked sex-dolls are playing Scrabble on their day off. They talk in an almost familiar language. Delighting in a communication characterised by qualities of flexibility, restlessness and responsiveness to the environment, they are articulate, displaying the quick wit of repartee, the to-and-fro of gossip and news. Highly strung, they change moods with startling suddenness from sweet calm to brooding thunder. Their impulse is to awaken and ripple conciousness, to communicate.

The Twins is mixed-media sculpture incorporating voice synthesis and mannequins. Commissioned by the Festival of Contemporary Arts, Canberra. Solo exhibition Gallery 4, Canberra Museum and Gallery October 5-20. Utilises custom software.