Polymedia Event Theatres

Historical Overview

In geometry, a geodesic is the shortest arc joining two points on a curved surface.


Place is modal, whereas space is scalar. Places are enclosing, concave, coherent; they are exhibit entity, existence, exude ontological affirmation: aural places, visual places, tactile places, public and private places, mental places, polyperceptual places. Internal places, environments, sound-fields, mind-fields, mine-fields!

In the late 1980's, The polymedia performance group floating exceptions (David Worrall, Stuart Ramsden, Virginia Read, Andrew Bernard, Susan Reid, Andrew Smith and Kimmo Vennonen) created The Bicentennial Dome the portable performance space shown below. floating exceptions toured with it to stage their polymodal works in sound and image, as performances and installations.

Following this space Worrall produced a much more minimal portable space and, with Stephen Duke, Dean Golja and Josh Chaffey, produced The Floriade Domes which were first used for the large scale polymedia work Alien Garden for the Floriade festival in 2003.

Places are not abstract entities, they have character, they have fields, they exude a presence. "Lost in place" has a completely different meaning to "lost in space." Places are inhabited spaces of any number and type of dimensions.