PET-1 The Bicentennial Dome

A Geodesic Hemisphere in Galvanised Steel and Kevlar

Designed and constructed in 1988 as a portable touring concert space, this heavy-duty dome toured to many Austrlian cities. It was designed specifically to enable heavy objects such as loudspeakers, acrobatic swings, projection screens etc to be suspended from the inside. It takes about 10 people a day to erect, less to dismantle.

The floating exceptions portable performance space, photographed at night from the top of the Seymour Centre, Sydney.

Technical Details


4 frequency icosahedral hemisphere, class I method II.

Radius: 7 metres (22 feet)

Canopy Single piece heat-welded scalloped Polymar 6505 suspended from the frame by means of a custom double spring suspension system.
Erection Block and tackle. 10 people x 1 day. Can be transported in a 1.5 x 2 metre (6 x 8 feet) trailer.
Weight 1.4 tonne (including canopy).
Technology 16-channel sound system, 5 projector screen display.
Capacity Seats 150-200 people, depending on configuration.