PET-2 The Floriade Domes

Geodesic 5/8 Spheres in Aluminium and Sailcloth

Designed as a minimal lightweight structure.

Looking down the Alien Garden tunnel from smaller to the larger dome.

Technical Details


3 frequency octahedral hemisphere, class I method II.

Radius: 4.6 metres. Aluminium and plastic. Sits on a 800mm base. Joined by a mutually supporting tunnel to a 2.9 meter radius 2 frequency octahedral hemisphere. Both domes are mounted on triangulated bases.

Canopy 2 mm double-weave plastic coated sailcloth.
Erection By hand. 4 people x 1 day. Can be transported on standard car: frame on roofrack, canopy in luggage compartment.
Technology Standard is 20-channel sound system, 4 projector screen display. Multiple variations possible.
Capacity Seats ~100 people, depending on configuration.



Places are not abstract entities, they have character, they have fields, they exude a presence. "Lost in place" has a completely different meaning to "lost in space." Places are inhabited spaces of any number and type of dimensions.


Spaceframe Performance Sets and Projection Screens

Examples shown here are of a 10 metre X 3.5 metre parallelogram in five jointed sections. Commissioned by the Australian Choreographic Centre for their 2002 production of production of Ada.


Place is modal, whereas space is scalar. Places are enclosing, concave, coherence; they are exhibit entity, existence, exude ontological affirmation: aural places, visual places, tactile places, public and private places, mental places, polyperceptual places. Internal places, environments, sound-fields, mind-fields, mine-fields!