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ACAT8008     Graduate Computer Animation Practice

A supervised practical session of two hours per week in Semester 1 and three hours per week in Semester 2.

To gain practical experience in two- and three-dimensional computer animation, sound for animation and video presentation.


  • An introduction to using personal computers for animation.
  • An in-depth look at a two-dimensional paint and animation program.
  • Practical exercises in story-boarding, key-framing, cycles, ease-in and ease-out, squash and stretch, transitions, dynamics, staging, anticipation, exaggeration and expression.
  • Three-dimensional modelling and rendering techniques for animation.
  • Exercises in motion scripting and animating hierarchies, cameras and lights.
  • Introduction to sound studio techniques, including microphone techniques, multitrack recording and basic equalisation and mixing.
  • Practical exercises in musique concrète techniques.
  • Animation production techniques, including digital recording and playback of animation by computer, sound synchronisation and video fundamentals.

Each semester, students are required to prepare a major work-a work on video, a live computer performance or an interactive environment for presentation at the end of the semester. This may be a group piece with other animators and/or composers.

Submitted work-100%.


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