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Music-mixed media


Mixed Media
Compositions by David Worrall

Title Description Recording Prog Note Year Distribution
Alien Garden
A very large scale collaborative polymedia work sponsored by ArtsACT and private sector businesses for the six weeks of the 2003 Canberra Floriade Festival. Uses two interlocking custom– designed Portable Immersive Polymedia Event Space (PIPES) domes, 20 channels of sound (16 in ambisonic A), 3 video projectors, 4 computers monitors, and various electro-opto-mechanical multimedia inventions. (with others). Utilises custom software. 2003
E+msv A collaboration with Choreographer Fiona Malone for dancer and others with electronic sound and image scapes. Design and construction of an articulated set. The Australian Choreographic Centre, Canberra, April.
The sonic journey of a drop of water. A collaboration with Kimmo Vennonen on an 8-channel ambisonic soundscape, including a specially-constructed 3.6m cubic spaceframe. First installed in May, Australian Bureau of Statistics,Belconnen, Canberra, May 2003, as part of the ACT Government's 24:7, Public Art Program. 2003
A collaborative polymedia dance work on the life of Ada Lovelace at the for the Australian Choreographic Centre, Canberra. Included a Dancer-movable interlocking spaceframe projection screens. 2002
The twins A mixed-media scultpure incorporating voice synthesis and mannequins. Commissioned by the Festival of Contemporary Arts, Canberra. Solo exhibition Gallery 4, Canberra Museum and Gallery October 5-20. Utilises custom software. 1999
One nation - a lament
For Percussion and multichannel sound. Utilises custom software. First performance, ACMA conference Canberra, August. Gary France, percussionist. 1998
En passant, Marcel Duchamp A computer music/animation collaboration with Christine Ulke (Berlin).  PNote 1998  with Christine Ulke
A Doing ReSounds A Doing ReSounds is an anagramic sound-poem based on “organised sound”, Edgard
Varese's definition of musical constructivism.
A Doing ReSounds.pdf


Resonant silhouettes of Poincaré An interactive computer sound and animation multimedia installation (with Ramsden). Selected for inclusion in the International Society for the Electronic Arts symposium, Chicago, USA. September. PNote 1997  with Stuart Ramsden
Square wave Music for Jennifer Seevink's computer composed video landscape of same name. 1997  with Jennifer Seevink
Coriolis Computer music and computer animation using multichannel Ambisonic techniques (with Ramsden). 1994
Why are you so sad? Digital feedback in the geodesic dome performance space. A live work for 16 channel electronic audio and real-time computer animation, utilising custom software. (with others). 1993
Chromachron Live performance work for 16 channel electronic audio and real-time computer animation, utilising custom software. (with Ramsden). PNote 1993  with Stuart Ramsden
Happy new ears Three hour live-to-air broadcast on ABC FM in memory of John Cage. From the geodesic dome performance space incorporating real-time computer music animation and feedback using custom software. (with others). 1992
Life dreaming 16 channel live electronics and computer graphics for the geodesic dome performance space. Commissioned by Australian Bicentennial Authority. 1989  with Stuart Ramsden
Perspectives For solo dancer, lighting designer and live electronics. Commissioned by Chimera with Australia Council assistance. With Choreographer/dancer Katy Bowman. 1988
A sensitive chaos 5 dancers. 2x4 channel computer-generated tapes. Commissioned by Chimera Conceptions. Australia Council Commission. First performance: May 1986 , Melbourne Arts Centre, choreographer Katy Bowman. 1986
Aspects of lunacy
For 2 channel tape and diffusion. Suite from the incidental music to Shakespeare's King Lear. 1974

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