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Design Structures

Design Structures Course

A multifaceted course in exploring mathematical and iterative ideas using sonification and visualisation techniques. (awaiting upload).

A paper describing the approach can be found in Worrall, David 1996. Studies in metamusical methods. Organised Sound, Volume 1, Number 3 Cambridge University Press, Pages 181-192. [also available online]. In reviewing this course, Professor Leigh Landy of DeMontford University in the UK said:

Fortunately there are indications that a growing number of people from science and arts backgrounds are thinking in interdisciplinary ways, .... An excellent example of the science-arts approach can be found in David Worrall's (1996) discussion of his course in design structures. Not only does he cross the audiovisual border with ease, he combines influences from mathematics, philosophy, history, and cultural studies, and calls upon technological and scientific paradigms.

Landy, L. 2007. Understanding the Art of Sound Organisation. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Page 225.

One example module for the Design Structures course is a study site for creative artists interested in using Lyndenmeyer Systems (Lsystems) for algorithmic composition.

Other modules will be uploaded as time permits.