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ICAD2011 Martin Morrell

Martin Morrell

Centre for Digital Musics, Queen Mary University of London.

User Interaction and Control of Spatial Audio
The aim of my PhD is to investigate user interaction with spatial audio; how well we can localise sound sources in a 3D auditory environment, 3D-based digital audio FX for audio production, user-based enhancement to spatial audio rendering techniques, investigations into doppler phenomenon recreated by 3D audio and gesture control of a spatial audio sound scene. During the course of my research I have worked with many different spatial audio rendering techniques; ambisonics, vector base amplitude panning and wave field synthesis.

My work presented at ICAD was the selection confirmation of an auditory source in a multi-track auditory environment, that is relaying to the user without visual aid which instrument had been selected for alteration by a gesture control system in a music mix. This is a iCad related problem of conveying information using audio, but with the added complication of being in an auditory environment where feedback might not be able to be from the main speaker system.

I plan to complete experiments this year and early 2012 and finish my thesis by the end 2012.


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