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ICAD2011 Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen

University of New South Wales, Faculty of Built Environment.

Sonifying Human Movement in Architecture: representation in visual and aural media
My interest in auditory displays, spawn from my research in the representation of architecture. Architecture is predominantly represented through visual media, and rarely represented through aural media. I believe there is opportunity to investigate an aural representation of architecture, through sonification, that go further than interpretations or translation which are currently offered.

However I'm not interested in the literal sonification of architecture itself in comparison with the sonification of human movement in and about architecture. This “user-centered” concern aligns itself closer to what architecture should be about, not its own form, but the effect of its form. That brings me to the core feature of my project, that is the sonification of people movement in architecture.

This movement is something dynamic and fluctuating and I have an interest in exploring its patterns in order to “hear” signatures of people movement in and about architecture. In summary the aim of my research is to represent this signature in both visual and aural form. It would be both a contribution to the discipline of architecture and architectural representation.

When considering the dissemination of my research I intend to publish papers in journals and present at conferences, but also to present work as art projects in public exhibitions/competitions.

The long term direction that I’m planning is to become a registered architect and to have my ongoing research inform my practice. I aim to complete my PhD by the end of 2012 and hope to have a draft thesis by the end of this year.

The ICAD ThinkTank will allow me to discuss the difficulties of my project which include grasping the various fields of architecture, visualisation, sonification, information theory, music, psychology and perception. I would like to come away from the ThinkTank and be able to reflect on the role of music in my project. Additionally I think it would be valuable to have a discussion about music, aesthetics and sonification.



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