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MusicHB ACAT3004

ACAT3004     Electronics B

A one-hour lecture and a one-hour practical each week in Semester 2.

Satisfactory completion of Electronics A.

To gain a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations of electronics, and to develop practical skills in analysing and repairing circuits.


  • Physics of electricity: semiconductors, antennas, transmission (advanced) lines, shielding, faraday cages, co-axial lines, balanced twisted pairs.
  • Electronic systems: motherboards, cardcages, busses. Electronic communications: serial, parallel, handshaking, standards (e.g. RS232), plugs, sockets, cabling. AC analysis: steady-state, transient, impedance.
  • Audio analog circuits: tone generators, modulators, hi-fi amplifiers.
  • Video analog circuits: pattern generators, modulators, switchers, genlocks, encoders, decoders.
  • Digital circuits: finite state machines, arithmetic logic units, display controllers.

Assignments-60%.   Practical project 40%.


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