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MusicHB MUSM2013

MUSM2013   Composition Seminar 2

Class instruction of one 2-hour seminar/workshop each week, together with occasional performances and recordings, Where suitable subject matter is to be covered, the Composition Seminar will, from time to time, be pursued jointly with appropriate Musicology seminar groups.

To develop practical compositional and analytical techniques.

Preparation of sketch scores suitable for performance by seminar participants, appropriate to class size.

  • Participation in performances and recording of these works, appropriate to class size.
  • Improvised composition, appropriate to class size.
  • Preparation and presentation of musical analyses.
  • Attendance and participation in seminars given by visiting musicians.


  • Attendance and presentation of sketch scores–30%.
  • Presentation of four analyses or equivalent–40%.
  • Submission of a Seminar Book containing a detailed account of every seminar–30%.

Eligibility for assessment:

  • Attendance at 80% of the scheduled seminars/workshops is required before a student will be eligible for assessment in this unit.


Music materials will be chosen by the appropriate staff of the School.


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