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MusicHB MUSM3016

MUSM3016   Instrumental and Vocal Composition 3

A one-hour class each week in Instrumental and Vocal Composition, Analysis, Instrumentation and Orchestration in semester 1.

The satisfactory completion of Instrument and Vocal Composition 2.

To gain experience in composing for solo instrument, voice and/or choir, with orchestra.

Semester 1:
To compose two of the following three works:

  • a short tragic scene.
  • a short lyric scene.
  • a short comic scene.

Semester 2:
To compose a major composition.

Serial and other techniques-a study of post-dodecaphonic organisations of sound materials which still maintain segmental control (e.g. Olivier Messiaen and 'modes of limited tranposition', 'non-retrogradable rhythms', 'added time values', etc.) together with an examination of permutation techniques for a limited group of intervals (e.g. Stravinsky, Cantata; Seiber, Permutanzioni a Cinque for Wind Quintet; Don Banks, Three Episodes for Flute and Piano; etc).

Instrumentation and Orchestration
Orchestration for the Theatre-a consideration of the problems of balance between vocal and instrumental forces in the theatre. Orchestration of sections of piano reductions of selected scores (e.g. Berg, Wozzeck; Larry Sitsky, The Fall of the House of Usher; and Weill, The Seven Deadly Sins).


  • Instrumental and Vocal Composition assignments-50%.
  • Major composition (semester 2)–50%.

In addition to works mentioned in the 'Suggested reading for Composition students' [...], other materials will be chosen in consultation with the lecturers.


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