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Avatar Space Design P/L
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We design, manufacture & outfit portable domes

and have specialist expertise and experience in
Portable Immersive Polymedia Event Spaces (PIPES)

Supported by a modular architecture and connection to the internet, PIPES can be used for the presentation of events which integtate the capture and display of

visual - video, photographic, 2D & 3D animation

sound - simple voice input to full periphonic (3D) soundfields

PIPES are used to deliver programmable, unencumbererd, navigable immersive experiences for individuals or groups. They are suitable for use indoors or outside.

Corridors betwee dome clusters are possible. Shown left is a view looking through the corridor from the smaller to the larger dome in the black dome cluster shown above.

Some typical applications include:

sensing - kinetic (movement) and haptic (pressure)

• interactive exhibitions, installations or static displays

• museums, galleries, exploratoriums, festivals

• trade fair information booths.

• virtual environments


• remote locations—display and monitoring

• games and navigation (security training, simulation environments)


large frame 3 frequency octahedral hemisphere, class I method II.
radius: 4.7 metres. Aluminium & denier nylon canopy.
small frame 2 frequency octahedral hemisphere, class I method II.
radius: 2.9 metres. Aluminium & denier nylon canopy.
canopy various, depending on application. Shown is black denier nylon suitable for daytime image projection.

The dome cluster (above) is 6.5 metres (21.3 ft) high. It is designed as an extremely lightweight portable space for indoor and outdoor events seating up to 100 people, or for walk-through installations.

This dome can be constructed by a single person in about one hour. The above photo shows the dome partially constructed. The canopy is in five interlocking pieces. Sound baffles, video projectors loudspeakers etc are mounted during the erection phase.

Our comprehensive consultation and design process is undertaken by a team focus is on ensuring that you get the space type and configuration you need.

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