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The Twitter of Beethoven’s Birds

There I was, taking my evening ambulation; there was yacking about sport on RN and so ABC-FM (bewdiful musick) got my ears for an hour. Classic drive. Broom broom–swept off my feet!–and Julie Lester was reporting on an experiment the NSO tried whereby the audience could get the back story or some bright spark’s interpretation of Beethoven’s 6th “bird music” by logging on to twitter with their blackberry, raspberry or whatever… You can read about it and the press release etc here if you want. “NSO”? You guessed it: National blah blah

Got me thinking. Perhaps this is a modern day – technologically assisted- version of twiddling your thumbs. Why not make it really interesting and set up a surtitle machine somewhere obtrusive for the audience to read/twit to? At least that way concert would take on a local flavo(u)r. And novelty could be had without having to listen to ANY of that awful nasty modern stuff.

The more things change, the more they stay the same… Perhaps I should have stuck with the yack on sport, or just listened to the traffic.

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